E-light (IPL+RF) equipment

E-light (IPL+RF) equipment

Basic Theory

The E-light technology fully combines the advantages of optical energy and radio frequency. With  the impedance difference in skin and pre-heat produced when the skin selectively absorbs optical energy, The targeted tissue absorbs radio frequency with lower optical energy. So, with a very low  risk of side effects-pigment lesion, blistering-generally caused by higher optical energy. We are able  to achieve good result with comfortable treatment. The traditional IPL device can only reach 2mm into the skin, however, the Diana E-light created a deep penetration into the dermis about 15mm.So, with this technology of Dia-na, We can achieve more applications, especially on wrinkle treatments and skin tightening.

1. Smooth wrinkles, face-lifting
2. Deep flecks, epidermis flecks or pigment treating the telangiectasis
3. Promote collagen to grow, strengthen flexibility of skin
4. Acne treatment
5. Shrink the thick pore
6. Removal light-colored or dark and thick extra hair

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SE-603
Brand Name: SONGIC

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Contact Person:  Lydia
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Website: http://songiclaser.ietrade.com.cn

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