Long Pulse Laser For Hair Removal

Long Pulse Laser For Hair Removal
I.     Introduction
Excess facial hair or fine hair on the human body to plague millions of women, a growing number of men because of too much body hair and embarrassed by it. Over the years it has tried a variety of methods, shaving razor scraper, wax off, and the intake of chemical hair removal cream, but they are only temporary solutions, electro-acupuncture effective relative to gross, but the treatment of pain patients Difficult to accept. In the 90’s, with the clinical application of laser technology and the development of laser hair removal to facilitate their rapid, safe and efficient removal of excess hair characteristics become the principal means.
Vein in the leg, telangiectasia, vascular tumors and facial wrinkles is also troubled by long-term patients with the disease, however, the use of long-pulse laser can be very good treatment of such diseases, It is a better selection of treatment.
? Advantages:
1, The best-wavelength laser
2, Adjustable long pulse width, It can protect the normal skin while removing different types of pigment diseases
3, No pigmentation of the most suitable for Asian skin
? Parameters
Wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm (telangiectasia, the treatment of  

Energy density :10-150J / cm2
Pulse width : 1-30ms
Pulse delay : 1-100ms
Pulse mode:  a number of synchronization pulses

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SLP-626
Brand Name: SONGIC

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